What is Gentle Chiropractic?

Dr. Jacobs specializes in a combination of very specific, gentle-force techniques for safe and effective ways to help the body to heal.

Her chiropractic specialties include:

Directional Non-Force Technique (highly analytical, multi-dimensional

spinal evaluation and gentle correction)

Total Body Modification (organ reflex work)

Applied Kinesiology (the use of muscle testing)

Chapman Reflex Technique (a naturopathic system of  organ work based

on the lymphatic system)

Using these techniques she has developed a unique combination of bodywork to achieve quicker results to help bring the body back into balance. She approaches the body from several different vantage points at each session for a more complete structural correction. Dr. Jacobs’ integrated approach gives her and the patient a wide variety of solutions for both acute and chronic problems affecting individuals of all ages from newborn to age 100.

In addition Dr. Jacobs uses a customized clinical nutrition technique as another tool to help her patients reach their health goals. She uses her expertise to determine the underlying imbalance causing the problem, the priority of correction, and makes both dietary and supplement recommendations for very result-oriented programs.

Chiropractic massage is an excellent method for improving overall health and musculoskeletal efficiency. Sometimes Dr. Jacobs uses massage as part of her treatment regimen.  Massage has a number of beneficial effects on the body and the mind. Some of these include removal of toxins that can build up in the muscles of the body, increased circulation, and increased flexibility in not only the muscles, but also the connective tissue within the body. Massage also can help with muscle spasms as well as soft tissue injuries. Increasing the movement and reducing the overall recovery time by helping the body in the healing process.

To prevent the body and mind from disease, we must take a comprehensive approach that includes nutrition, exercise and overall chiropractic care. In keeping with this mentality and regimen, you will have a significantly higher chance of relieving stress and minimizing pain and injury. In addition, the ability for you to fend off disease will be increased as your body will be in top form!

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