My wife and I have been using Dr. Jacobs as our chiropractor for quite a few years now. She has become much more than our chiropractor, she has become our friend. Not only does she heal our bodies, but her advice has helped us in more ways than we could have imagined. To know her is to appreciate her. As a physician she is great but as a friend she is irreplaceable. SS & DS

I have been with Dr. J for 20 years and have been so fortunate to have received and continue to receive the very best care possible for the treatment and management of pain and other related physical issues. Her treatment supports my overall well being and supplies me with a perfect supplement to other forms of therapies including my own fitness routine. I owe feeling great to her and the active life I lead could only be possible because of her thoughtful and skilled care. Thank you Dr.J and I love you!  ME

Dr. J is a miracle worker. Her knowledge of her practice and her gentle touch make her the doctor I go to FIRST no matter what my ailment...Love, SW


Despite having had two back operations on my lumbar spine, I was in constant pain. Consequently, I was very anxious that I would need more back surgery as my neurologist suggested. I am so grateful to Dr. Joan Jacobs for her incredible ability to help the body to heal itself. She has been my doctor and friend for fourteen years.  Without her positive outlook, expertise, and encouragement, I  would not have been on the road to good health.  Thank you, Dr. Jacobs for being there for me. TC

Dr. Jacobs is more than just a great chiropractor. She has empathic sense and intuitively knows where "it hurts" and what to do. She has a gentle holistic approach to pain and health. I highly recommend Dr. Jacobs.   ST


Joan is simply the best.  One year ago, owing to deteriorating disks, I walked in to Dr. Joan’s office in pain, my body twisted like a pretzel.  It was difficult even to stand or walk for any lengthy period.  I was suffering.  Today I am fully on the mend thanks to Dr. Joan.  JJ

As a Reiki healer and teacher familiar with subtle energy healing, I noticed that Dr.Joan’s Chiropractic techniques were gentle, non-force and that a positive flow of Chi was transmitted through her capable hands.  Whenever Dr. Jacobs adjusts me, I can feel the positive and intentional flow of subtle energy (perceived as deep heat) continuously flowing through her healing hands. I had experienced Chiropractic care in other practices and, though all of these practitioners were highly qualified, not all were equally gifted in healing arts nor as well versed and committed to continuing their professional training and skill development as Dr. Joan Jacobs.

Whenever I come in for an appointment, I am greeted joyfully by Dr. Jacobs and her staff; I am treated with the utmost respect, and I leave renewed, encouraged, and ready to engage life renewed and on higher levels. Thank you for being my doctor, my student, my friend.  ELK


I have been coming to Dr. Jacobs for roughly 9 years after a serious car accident. Dr. Jacobs has helped me find not only relief from my back and other skeletal pain; she had guided me back to health.

What I like most about Dr. Jacobs is that she treats the whole being, not just the body. I consider Dr. Jacobs a part of my medical doctor list. Often Dr. J gives me relief and insight when my general doctor and specialist have not.

I am grateful to God for blessing my life with Dr. Jacobs. Joan truly is a healer- she has healing hands. And the staff is super nice, and friendly. GC

When I arrived at Dr. Jacobs office for the first time I was living in a state of constant pain. At 32 years old I could not turn my neck to check my blind spot while driving without pain. Part of the problem was a work injury and the other part was that  I had just had a baby and the pregnancy and breastfeeding were only adding to my back problems. Being treated by Dr. Jacobs, I began to feel relief right away. Her adjustments are gentle so there is no fear factor with the sound of bones cracking. She is so serene, and the office is such a friendly environment that my 18 month old son is now also a patient. Dr. Jacobs you are exceptional and if I have not said it before, I will say it now, Thank you so much for getting rid of my pain!  You are the best Dr. Jacobs!!  SD, MD and LD

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